We are committed to offer quality training and services. The needs that arise in this vital stage must be addressed with the utmost rigor. We seek to achieve the excellence that they deserve. We are open to donations, subsidies and collaborations of all kinds to ensure the sustainability of this project.


100% of the resources we obtain will be destined to maintaining this project and to making it accessible to anyone who needs it.

How can I collaborate?

There are different ways in which you can collaborate with us:

  • Babeslea; I will make a donation so that the project is viable and sustainable.
  • Babeskidea; I will offer my expertise and time voluntarily in a way that Babespean deems necessary.
  • Babespearen hegala(Coming soon); I offer my time voluntarily to be trained and to accompany people in need of palliative care.

If you wish to collaborate with us in any of these three ways, please fill out the following form and we will contact you. Thank you for your interest and your generosity.


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