“What is necessary is possible and must be realised.”

(Adela Cortina)

Specialists in Palliative Care

As we have gone through our professional lives each one of us has shaped our true vocation.

A general, idealized vision brought us into the world of medicine, nursing, social work and psychology. From these places and through contact with real life, with the here and now, a new drive is emerging among us.

This idea became enriched as we shared it with others, and elements appeared to redefine it and give it cohesion. Compassion, care, ethics, adequacy, sustainability…

That is what happened among us. This is our story. Around Palliative Care and Compassion, people from different backgrounds began to come together, first to idealize the idea, then to communicate  it, and now to make it a reality.


It is caring for the other. It includes connection, integrity and hope. It’s not just about providing a few services. It is about treating someone as you wish to be treated and therefore paying attention to universal needs.

Empathy / Compassion / Safety / Hope

E] Connect with others in an authentic way

C] Understanding and transforming suffering

S] To have a refuge or source of peace

H] Finding meaning in life

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

(Víctor Hugo)

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