Babespean arises from the program Vivir con Voz Propia (VVP), where a group of health professionals from the social and community sectors were promoting the movement VITORIA – GASTEIZ COMPASSIONATE CITY.

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The Babespean Association began in Vitoria – Gasteiz in May 2020 with the intention of improving the care of people with advanced disease who need palliative care in their own homes or in an Open Hospice-style care center, and to help the families of people living with advanced disease  during their process and through bereavement, as well as promoting training and research into palliative care. Members of the VVP team along with other interested professionals make up this new team: Babespean – La Casa del Cuidado (Care at Home/ the house of care)  

Babespean is a Basque word that means “under protection”, “to be in the care of”. This word sums up the idea behind this social project:
    • Guarantee the continuity of home care provided to a person during the process of illness.
    • Support the family members, formal and informal caregivers – during and after illness.
    • Promote the training and care of social and health professionals, formal and informal caregivers and volunteers.
    • Encourage research in palliative care.
By sharing and raising awareness among citizens, Babespean aims to stimulate a “compassionate revolution” that emphasizes the care of the most vulnerable by allowing the community to understand and contribute to the privilege and responsibility of caring.  

Babespean Project Phases

The implementation of the project will be done progressively, over two years, and will be based on two central axes corresponding to two different phases.
  • Phase 1 – Services (year 2021): pilot period that will include the design, development and provision of direct services to society (Consulting, Training, Integral Support to Professionals and Home Support).
  • Phase 2 – Babespean Home Care (2022): design, development and establishment of Babespean Home Care; a physical space connected to the community that aims to be a hub; a reference in the care and accompaniment of people with palliative care needs and their families.
Babespean aims to be a reference point in the training, provision and promotion of excellence in palliative care, not only in the Basque Country but also in the rest of Spain.

Download our presentation brochure HERE.

We are privileged to be accompanied in our endeavors by St Christopher’s Hospice – St Christopher’s CARE, an internationally renowned hospice in South London, established in 1967 by Cicely Saunders, whose work is considered to be the basis of modern hospice philosophy.

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